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New Mexico Human Services Department - Unclaimed Child Support Division.


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New Mexico Human Services Department - Unclaimed Child Support Division.

Each State has their own regulations on how Unclaimed Child Support Payments are handled. New Mexico has strict rules on when support payments are deemed unclaimed and what then happens to them.

The Legislation can be found in Social Services, Child Support Enforcement Program under Unclaimed Child, Spousal or Medical Support

New Mexico's Statutory Authority comes from the Public Assistance Act, NMSA 1978, Section 27-2-27 (A)(5) and the human services department is the single state agency for the enforcement of child and spousal support obligations pursuant to Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (42 USC 651 et. seq.).

Child, Spousal or Medical Support gets classified as unclaimed when, no person to whom to deliver the support received or seized by the department can be located or identified.

Before support may be declared unclaimed by the Act, the human services department must make reasonable attempts to locate the owner.

The Support becomes classified as unclaimed when 36 months have passed from the date the support is paid to the department and the department is unable to disburse a payment to the owner because the owner can not be located. After this period a new letter is sent out stating that if the money is not claimed within 30 the unclaimed support payment reverts to the department and can not then me claimed.

When the funds get transfer the payer will still receive credit for payment and will not be deemed in default of the Act.

It is important that any one that is owned money from support payments in New Mexico but has not received the funds, to contact the human services department to file a claim, otherwise they will lose the money forever once it gets transferred.

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