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Unclaimed Money is a world wide phenomenon.


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Unclaimed Money is a world wide phenomenon.

Today a lot of people in most countries have unclaimed money in one form or another. How can this be? World wide estimate would be only a guess as to how much money is actually unclaimed. But there are many fine examples of unclaimed money here in the united states. For example the state of Colorado in addition to its list of unclaimed money has an additional $4.8 million of unclaimed money from the IRS. These checks were sent by the Federal Government as a part of the stimulus package, also now know as “economic stimulus checks”. In the city of Denver there are 1,700 plus checks that are unclaimed. With a total population of 432,870 18 years and older citizens(US Census 2000), 1 in 254 has an unclaimed economic check waiting. When people move they do not reflect their change of address with many institutions like banks, IRS and others, as such these economic checks have not been delivered.

United Kingdom, France, Germany and many other countries are just learning how to come with unclaimed money. New Zeeland Inland Revenue department keeps their own list separate from any others. In this list we have not been able to fund any funds below $100(NZ) dollars. While many accounts are around the $1,000 dollar mark, quite a few of them hold large sums of money. For example Foat, Earnest Harry from NZ is owed some $7,681 dollars.

In a country like UK the estimate of unclaimed money and property is in excess of £15 billion, that’s is more then $24 billion American dollars. Based on the World Fact Book, United Kingdom has a population of 50,619,441 over the age of 15 and that amounts to approximately $500 per person.

England and Wales have also a fast rising of money going unclaimed. Kirklees Council in the Yorkshire Pennines is having the largest amount of unclaimed money a massive £113,000.

I strongly urge you to search for your unclaimed money. Sometimes this may take 5 seconds or 5 minutes. A lot of people search just for their own last name, forgetting about his or her parents and relatives. Many people in the past have left insurance policies or old bank accounts they didn’t tell anyone about. In the pre-computerization era of banking these bank accounts were recorded manually and when someone passed away they were just sitting there. Today they exist in the form of unclaimed account and there are many.

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